Welcome to Inspired Wellness International, facilitating healing since 1986!!
I provide you the joy and opportunity to experience your own journey back to love and to inspired wellness.

What would it be like for you to experience the power of your own healing? To find your heightened sense of self? To experience greater wholeness, integration, well-being and joy in your life? To finally feel WELCOME and at HOME in your own body, and be harmoniously and consciously connected to the whole of you...body, mind, emotion and spirit?

The White City at the End of the Sky by Benny HV Andersson

Services available in person, via phone or long distance transmittal. Contact me: (206) 291 4392 or inspiredwellnessintl@gmail.com

Who I Am

As a transformational healing facilitator and hands-on body worker, I offer you the potential to journey back to your most essential self - the original cosmic blueprint. I am able to "assist you on your journey of realigning you and your Life to your Soul's Truth and Heart's Desire."  My work is both grounding in the physical and transcendental in the spiritual. My work is tailored for those just beginning their healing journey and even those who are practiced professionals in the field.

I use my unique abilities in bodywork and multiple healing modalities to serve your journey and goal of gaining a greater sense of wellness and integration with your physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. I use ancient Tibetan healing techniques, Theta Healing, Brain to Body Balancing, Grid Repair and Sacred Grid Healing, Hands-on Energy Healing and Chakra Clearing and Balancing to access all 18 chakras of the soul connected to the human body in the physical, astral and causal planes of existence.

Your Journey Back to Love

States of wellness and dis-ease are a matter of energy frequency and consciousness. The physical body holds the resonance of that consciousness in its cells. The body is a mirror reflection of your mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being. I use energy medicine and work with your quantum self. Changing your energy frequency can help alter the quality of the state of your health for the better. From a higher perspective vision I can help you transcend your physical and psychological barriers to achieve your potential as a human being. Your personal healing journey begins with taking personal responsibility for your own wellness on all levels.

Together we co-create "Your" greater well being by bringing conscious balance, the process of forgiveness, reconnection and harmony to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I assist you in synchronizing your body’s energy systems using sacred grid healing, Tibetan healing techniques, belief system (theta) work, massage therapy and breath work. These practices will clear, balance and transform your relationship with yourself and the universe. I perform Tibetan body and soul readings and am a reader of the Akashic (soul) records.

I invite you to begin your healing journey back to love.

Ingrid “Rajith" Skysong, LMP., Rev.

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